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Thanks for the feedback.

The point of the engine mods would be to make the engine more freer flowing. Less drag in the intake and exhaust system. Lighter engine components (how about an aluminum flywheel, for example).

I think that you are right that, without some tuning, this could just increase HP without a corresponding increase in fuel efficiency.

That's where the adjustable fuel pressure regulator, cam phaser, and dyno time come in. You need to do your time tuning the thing on the dyno.

Maybe I mis-spoke by sayiing ECU hack. It could be that these features would be enabled by outboard systems.

Regarding the carbon fiber, no doubt they're expensive parts. The doors along go for $1600. The hood is like $500, the fenders like $600.

One reason to use them is that the vehicle needs to be production ready. To go into the competition with a readily available production car (even one currently out of production) modified with readily available aftermarket parts (no matter how expensive) would give you a huge leg up on some of the competition.

The CF parts do lend a sort of... technogeekishness to the car. That's not for nothing.

Aeromod wise, first pass is the lowering springs, front air dam, mirror delete, and rear spoiler (a small ducklip on the hatch, not a big, stupid one like you see on a lot of the imports). There is a radiator blocker for the VX as well. Maybe an underbody pan (might be moot if the thing is low enough!).

What else is out there for aeromods? Are they really worth the extra weight at 55 mph?

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