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Learning Aeromodding
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It's been quite some time since I checked in on this thread.

Well said LarryBuck!! Lol Couldn't help but giggle on that second long post! (#42)
I totally agree with you. Entering into this realm of auto mechanics, hugely dominated by men, has been.... interesting. Being single, and very shy around guys has made me see things in a different way too.

Lets face it, the sources for hypermiling info is very limited. In a "normal" lifestyle you won't know about it unless you seek it out, or hear about it from somebody in person. I looked for ways to improve mileage on-line, to validate my wanting to get a 4Runner. Ended up coming across an article: "Ease on Down the Road: Fuel-Efficient Drivers" by: Dennis Gaffney. That's what started it for me.

Most woman only think of a vehicle as the necessary means to get from point A to point B. Guys know that most women don't like to talk cars one bit. So hypermiling is far from a conversation in most cases. I actually know a few ladies that would like to have a class on changing their own oil, tires, and simple maintenance stuff. They all liked the idea of me teaching them. Another lady. (Hmmm. Just had a job thought, and another reason to go to automotive school....)

It really bothers me when I hear about people that say they live month to month, or worse, are in debt. Yet they have expensive things, live in expensive parts of town, lots of car repair bills, etc. Ahhh!!! We live in a spend, spend, SPEND society!

Lately I've been thinking of starting a class for teaching women how to hypermile. Learning how to change your own oil, tire, etc, would go along with that well too! It's something I was thinking of doing in several years from now, when I have more experience, but if it was a free class, why not now? I know right where to advertise..... at the food bank!

Lol, I gave quite a bit of advice to a lady coworker on how to drive in the snow! I was actually humorously surprised that she didn't know how to drive in the snow! She thought the type of vehicle and good tires made all the difference. I know from experience, it's not that so much as it is the nut behind the wheel! For better or worse.

Teaching women how to drive a manual would be fun too! Though, nearly all of my experience is in an F250, and it was said to be very forgiving. I would love to learn how to drive a manual better! But... as shy as I am around guys.... lol, probably won't happen.

Lol, I find it interesting how you GUYS seem to find so much time to be on forums! I wish I had more time to be on this forum and my RAV forum more!
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