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Originally Posted by Phantom View Post

If the car is not warm I shift at 2000-2500 depending on gear. When it is warm I will shift between 1500-3000.

The issue with the VNT as I understand it is from always shifting at low RPM. If you wind it out with heavy peddle on occasion when warm you should be fine. I do this from 2nd when entering the HW till I get up to 70-80mph. (Speed limit is 70mph)
If i would shift ta 2500- 3000 RPM and press acelerator pedal about 70%, then it feels like I am going on drag race So there is no point off reving engine up to 2500 - 3000 when presing acelerator pedal up to 30%

All I know that driving at peak torque would kill turbo and engine a lot faster, because at that RPM engine is developing peak torque and all engine components are at maximal stress. (I am also a car mehanic and i know what I am talking about). In my lupo I already had rebuilt my engine, including new turbo.

vw also suggests that shifting early is better for MPG. And as I know, construction of PD TDI engines and new bluemotion engines are not so different either, both have direct injection and VNT turbos.

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