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Originally Posted by amdown View Post
If i would shift ta 2500- 3000 RPM and press acelerator pedal about 70%, then it feels like I am going on drag race So there is no point off reving engine up to 2500 - 3000 when presing acelerator pedal up to 30%

All I know that driving at peak torque would kill turbo and engine a lot faster, because at that RPM engine is developing peak torque and all engine components are at maximal stress.
You may have noticed that I did not mention how much fuel to give it at any time. Also I believe what you tried to say is "If I would shift at 2500- 3000 RPM and press acelerator pedal about 70%, then it sounds like I am going to drag race " If you think that your TDI FEELS like you are drag racing then you should take a ride in my stock 98 Bonniville when it down shifts from 4th at 60mph to second and run it to 86mph before it shifts to 3rd (actually back to 4th since I let off the gas)

All aside I repeatedly said that shifting depends on conditions. When cold I hold the RPMs a little higher to warm it faster. When warm I often skip gears some times 2-5. If I do not need to crawl at lower speeds I will wind out 1st to ~3000 and shift to third that places the RPMs around 1300.

As it was mentioned the VNT needs to be worked to keep it from sticking.

The Torque will not kill the engine and if you want to stay out of the TQ then you should keep the motor away from 1600rpm as it produces the most TQ there when stock. My engine produces max TQ at 1900rpm so that is where I like to keep it when I need to have some response from the engine.

Just a note the approximate change in RPM between gears on my Golf.
1-2 1250
2-3 700
3-4 500
4-5 500
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