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Originally Posted by Big Dave View Post
Road trip over!

2,475 miles, mostly Interstate driving the limit (65 in Illinois; 70 in Indiana, Missouri, and Arkansas; 75 in Texas and Oklahoma) in 95+ degree weather with the A/C blasting every inch of the way.

The result was disappointing: 25.3 MPG.

I think the problem is the flat tonneau. I used to get nearly 28 with my homemade aeroshell monstrosity. (See avatar) But I couldn't see out the old black monstrosity.

I did cobble up some small mirrors that let me run with my big trailer-towing mirrors folded in. Pix coming soon as I can remember how to make my cheap camera co-operate with the computer.

I need a compromise I can see out of and still clean up the bed area.
I'd be encouraged by the numbers.
With the frontal area,weight,AC,winds,grades,and urban warfare she had to deal with,25.3 would embarrass plenty of passenger cars.
She'll do better.Just need that 'practical' user-friendly fix.Amazing truck!
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