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Originally Posted by AndyBees View Post

The Turbo can be "exercised" for working purposes without taking the engine up to 4000 or more RPMs. If you get on it (above 2100 RPM) with a steady push on the pedal taking the RPMs up to 3000 ..........the boost will max for an instant!..... shift and do it in the next gear. That means the Turbo actuator went full range. I've practiced that method and have never had any issues with my Turbo (still original). I do take the RPMs up to 3600 to 4000 at least once per tank of fuel.
You do not have t o accelerate rpm up to 4000 to "exercise" turbo actuator. it makes full movement already up to 1900 rpm, when ecu is "asking" full boost from turbo. when you rev up engine higher, the actuator acualy decreases turbo pressure. The exhaust gas flow and heat is what actualy cleans vanes of vnt turbo. when you realy want to clear a turbo vanes drive for a mile or two with rpm at about 3000-3500, then the heat an lean burning from the engine will burn up all the ash in turbo and exhaust system.
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