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Originally Posted by myrefugeisintheLord View Post
I'm learning P&G and was doing so in Spokane today, through the neighborhoods. I was EOC when I saw a guy looking like he wanted to cross the street but stopped. I kept moving at my, oh probably 10 MPH speed. So he waved his hand to signal me to go ahead. I giggled to myself. As I was passing him I felt like I needed another pulse, so I started her up and did a quick pulse before shutting her off again. LOL. The guy stepped out into the quiet street as I passed and watched me continue along my merry way until I was out of sight. I wonder what he was thinking?!?! My RAV has HYERMILING! printed on the back window, so maybe he'll look it up???

That was fun! But not nearly as fun as getting 117% above EPA today! I never would have thought I, or the RAV could do it, but I just have to share the stats of my drive today!
98.9 Miles / 2.17 Gallons = 45.57 MPG
(80% hwy)
The trip in, we got 50.6 MPG,
in town was 39.52 MPG,
and going home was 44.0 MPG. Totally cool!

Yep yep!
Impressive mileage, but can your auto trans handle EOC?
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