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Originally Posted by amdown View Post
Complitely agree to your points. I love to have a car that is esaly capable of 70 MPG

As I see in this forum, it seems there are a lot of Americans, who has not have so much experience with TDI engines. In my opinion if some one says you must to keep your RPM at 2500 -3000 to get good MPG, then he does not know nothing about diesel engines (more over about TDI).
Anyone, American, Brit or whatnot, who claims that is a good rpm range is a fool but whatada do? The TDI is a neat little engine and I'd love to pick one. My buddy has a NA diesel in his 80 something rabbit truck and gets 45mpg. I'm trying to talk him into a small turbo to help w/ his low end torque but he's hesitant. Banks, which is over priced/over hyped, has a kit for the NA 6.2 and 6.5 chevy diesels and they see improvements in both daily mpg and a small HP jump.

Good luck w/ the 70 mpg goal . My 1st goal is a repeatable 20 mpg w/ my 600hp setup. If I can regear and start working on some aerodynamic improvements I hope i can get maybe 23-24 repeateable at hwy speeds. I have a lot of hurtles but it will be interesting to try.
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