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Originally Posted by ecomodded View Post
With my ko3 turbo when at 1000 rpm and i give it half throttle my boost goes from 0 to 20lbs for a spike then settles at 15 lbs until i release the gas pedal.
At 1900rpm my car is making full torque, I need about 1/4 of the torque to accelerate, attempting to use the whole torque is non sensible unless you are in a race or are trying to tow a house.

Anybody with a boost gauge and vnt turbo should be aware of boost levels.

~ A health monitor for the turbo ~

A boost gauge may be the best thing you could do for your turbo, You can see over boosts and no boost problems and anything in between.
I'm new to the eco thing but gauges are smart for any turbo'd vehicle.
I'm always eyeing mine, trying to keep EGT's as low as possible in the highest gear. At a bare minimum a boost and egt. One thing some turbo guys forget is EBP. The more EBP you have 1) You stress components more 2) That is increased rotational resistance. The factory 6.4 Twin turbo is 1:1 WOT and is about 10-20% higher at cruise. W/ a non-VNT/VGT/VVT (brand dependant) a waste gate and proper A/R housing is important as well but often over looked by rookies, sometimes resulting in an over-sped/blown up turbo.

Theres a fella on PSN who's building a mazda diesel and IIRC he's set up to have about 15lbs boost max and the rest is waste gated and hes getting 32-35 in his mini 4x4 at the moment. Someone else has a 500-600 dyno hp 5.9 in a 1/2 ton dodge w/ the 6spd who, @ 55 on flat ground has acheived 50mpg. He's supposedly had difficulty repeating it but claims high 30's/low 40's when driven properly. He matched components carefully and runs 308 gears and the 6spd trans and the whole thing is lowered. Rant, my bad but point is he trys to drive just above idle 12-1300.

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