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As I stated previously, my 2000 Jetta with the ALH TDI engine has given me just under 51 mpg overall average since I have owned it (March 2002). It now has almost 308k miles on it. The vast majority of my driving has been the norm............doing nothing special to attain the results.

As I think I also stated, I'm in the process of installing an '02 ALH TDI engine in an '84 VW Vanagon. I'm trying to finish the project in time to head north to Alaska.... August 6th being the date of my window closing. I plan to maintain records on the performance as well as a Thread on the trip.

It will be interesting to "learn" the best shift points for the TDI/Vanagon set-up. I did rebuild the transmission, including the installation of taller 3rd and 4th gears. On paper, at 65 mph with 205/75/14 tires, the .77 ratio 4th gear and the 4.57 R&P, the RPMs should be about 2850. That is about 700 RPMs lower than the stock gearing but, about 550 RPMs higher at that same speed in the Jetta! So, I'm hoping that 30 to 32 MPG will be attainable!

The project is in the, TDI Conversions.
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