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Originally Posted by ecomodded View Post
With my ko3 turbo when at 1000 rpm and i give it half throttle my boost goes from 0 to 20lbs for a spike then settles at 15 lbs until i release the gas pedal.
At 1900rpm my car is making full torque, I need about 1/4 of the torque to accelerate, attempting to use the whole torque is non sensible unless you are in a race or are trying to tow a house.

Anybody with a boost gauge and vnt turbo should be aware of boost levels.

~ A health monitor for the turbo ~

A boost gauge may be the best thing you could do for your turbo, You can see over boosts and no boost problems and anything in between.
K03 is a wastgate turbo and it makes a boost spike, with VNT this spike is much lover, because actuator can regulate boost much more precisely.
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