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Based on a ScanGauge, my VNT15 (no mods), will max out at Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) slightly above 32 psi. Generally, at idle, the MAP is about 14.2 psi in my neck of the woods (about 1000 foot elevation). Doing the math, that would be 17.8 psi maximum boost.

I see that boost response while taking the RPMs up steadily but agressively in 1st and 2nd gears........ it's not exactly instant and begins to drop back well below the MAP of 32 psi at about 3200 RPM, give or take, depending on the terrian.

Yes, below 2100 RPM, there is a definite lag in boost. But, the "advice" is to never do a WOT below 2100 RPM. In fact, I've never done a "sudden" WOT with my car since I've owned it. When I do WOT, it's always on a gradual basis being a little more aggressive toward the end.
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