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Originally Posted by Gasoline Fumes View Post
Impressive mileage, but can your auto trans handle EOC?
Gasoline Fumes: I have done some research on this subject. When I learned that RAVadoodle should not be flat towed I stopped EOC all together. Then I read that most autos can be towed at or below 30 MPH and for short distances. So, with that in mind I try to EOC at curtain times, when there's less distance and less speed. I'd love to EOC during P&G, but we're usually going too fast and coasting so often that I'd also be thinking the starter might get too much of a workout. I'm still looking into the option of an electric pump for that system. But in all reality I wish she was a manual, which is what I wanted, but for a particular reason I went with an auto. A reason that has yet to be beneficial.

So, most of my mileage increase is purely due to P&G. I NEVER would have thought that my natural lead foot would help me get better mileage!! P&G never worked for us before because I didn't take the engine load up high enough for the efficiency benefit.

Originally Posted by Soichiro View Post
I could give you a ton of reasons why women don't care about hypermiling, but most of them would make me sound sexist.
Soichiro, I'd be curious to know what you think. As much of the 2,000 lbs as you'd like!
There are a lot of reasons. But I believe the biggest reason is simply lack of awareness, and then understanding.

(I'll try to keep this short!) I was raised very old school and conservative. I automatically believed cars (liking them, working on them, talking about them), was a guy's thing. There were a lot of circumstances and the way I was raised, that kept me from doing much in the way of mechanical things. I didn't get interested in vehicles until I was 21. I'm only JUST starting to not feel completely awkward working on our vehicles. And I'm having a very difficult time staying feminine doing any mechanical work. I'm not a girly girl, but I still like to be feminine. (That doesn't mean staying clean.)

The two families that my family is good friends with, the girls that are driving don't seem to be interested in my hypermiling, but they'll say they don't drive fast. Their brothers are more so interested, but never take the step in that direction.
Even my sister thinks I'm silly, and we have a VERY close relationship. What kills me is they drive a manual '93 Mazda 323! They say they got it because it gets mid 30 MPG withOUT any work. I keep telling them they could get over 50 MPG but they just laugh....

What confuses me, is as stay-at-home wives and or mothers, we can be such a huge blessing to our husbands by finding ways to make their hard earned money go further. In our circle of friends having gardens, canning food, raising meat is common place to save money. Why not save 100s a year in just the fuel bill??? Yes, it might take 1-30 minuets more in a commute time, depending on your distance or severity of hypermiling. But how much time does it take to do other things that save money? Lots. That's the point, time is money.

Then there's the other side of things, which I'm not too familiar with, and that's the girls that are only interested in their appearance and their next relationship. Those poor girls! Not a lot to say there....

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