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Originally Posted by myrefugeisintheLord View Post
Soichiro, I'd be curious to know what you think. As much of the 2,000 lbs as you'd like!
Lol, well from a psycho-sociological standpoint, I think it's as you said, girls are raised to not be interested in cars. Boys get Hot Wheels to play with, and girls get Barbies. This is the same reason why fields like engineering and mechanics are dominated by men--because girls are taught at a young age not to be interested in those things.

Of course, from a cynical standpoint, I could say that it's also because most women don't care about saving money. They're already spending $250 at a time on clothes, so gas money is a drop in the bucket compared to that. :P Although, on the flip side of this, one could notice that women tend to get excited whenever there is a sale on clothes, and ask, why is saving money on clothes exciting, but saving money on gas isn't?
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