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Bad news, our 05 Miles ZX40 has blown apart the rear motor cradle at 9900 miles, the cheap chinese welds combined with a tripod of rotating rubber bushings put all the force of the bumps and jerks squarely into the bracket allowing the motor to hop up and down a bit which caused the bracket to flex a little with each pedal push, it appears the 9 year old chinese kid who welded it had a crack in the upper corner and it propagated throughout and torn in (2) places clean across. We made it about 100 miles after detecting the crack using straps to cradle the motor but no dice, it failed in our driveway falling onto the halfshafts.

Good Idea for anyone with a zx40 to check the motor mount(s) and strengthen these, in my case I am looking for a spare, if not, we will weld it, back it with another piece of steel and then support the motor off the end pair of bolts using chains to make sure.

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