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More testing was done last night. The results remain the same. .0055Ah/min is where we are at, and unless I get some feedback that is where it is going to stay. Not that that is bad, but I wouldn't mind getting it a little better if its possible. I just don't know how to make it any better at this point.

The problem is that my output signal is jumping around just enough to throw things off. I'm getting output voltages that randomly vary by ~.015V. Doesn't seem like much, but after 1 hour of monitoring it adds up. I'm guessing that it is my USB power supply that is jumping around a little and therefore causing my output to jump around. However, I don't have a scope to verify this. I have put a 10uF capacitor across the 5V input on the current sensor and tested it. I then put the capacitor across the sensor output and retested. The capacitor had no effect on sensor accuracy in either test. I was getting the same .015V variance from the aref and output.

I hope that is clear enough and I'd love some input.
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