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Facebook MPG tracker application

Ok, so I had this idea right. I want to make a facebook application that will do basically what our fuel log application here on ecomodder does, but make it so that it will display a sticker, like we have on our signatures here, on a persons facebook profile page. I'm thinking of starting off simple, just allowing them to enter in the date that they filled up, the millage they went, how much gas they used to do it and a brief comment about the tank. Then on the page, there will be an image that will show up and let them see what their average fuel millage has been.

Then, once I get that figure out, I'm going to make it so that they can click on the image and see a graph of each tank, just like we have here. But, the coolest thing I'm going to make it do, is each instance of my application on someone's profile, will be able to talk to each other and compare with other people's FE scores and in that way, almost turn FE into a fun game people can play against their friends to see who gets the best MPG. This will, hopefully, become one of those trendy facebook app things and in that way get lots of young people started on the route to driving more fuel consciously.

Here is the only kicker. It appears that the facebook applications are created using PHP5...which, I don't know how to do. I'm willing to learn, but I thought that there might be a person or two on this site who have experience with PHP or who have made facebook apps before and who would like to assist me in this project. I will add them to the program as one of the developers and they will get full credit for the work that they did on the project, I'm not looking to take credit for this necessarily, I just had the idea and want to act on it quickly to get it working ASAP.

So, please, if you have any interest in this project at all, let me know and I will PM you and get the ball rolling to getting this thing functional!

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