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My Dodge in Neutral idles between 500-600rpms in Drive it Idles 1000-1200rpms.

My Dodge really isn't supposed to be "flat towed" but I coast in neutral all the time and even with the engine off, no issues. (Deep in the manual even though dodge strongly discourages flat tow it does admit up to 25mph for 10miles)

But then again my low mileage clean and perfect Dodge is worth the salvage value only so I don't care if I destroy the thing since I can't sell it.

That said, YES your transmission may wear slightly faster (make more heat) if your idle speed changes in neutral versus in gear because the pump is pumping more slowly.

Thing is, this is over such a short distance and the temperature gain is so small unless Toyo purposely did something nefarious I can see no way that it will lead to a statistically significant increase in failure rate.

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