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Originally Posted by ksa8907 View Post
im not an expert, but as long as the engine is running, there should be no problems as the pump is still lubricating the gears.

you may have to do some digging, but after searching for my car i discovered that it has a different shift schedule for neutral depending on speed. like, above 8mph it idles at 1000-1200rpm and won't actuate certain solenoids until the speed is below 8mph.
I don't even know what a solenoid is. :-) I was reading the 109 tips just now and do see that it's BAD to turn a car off and coast if it's an automatic transmission, but my engine is indeed on when I coast in neutral. That might be my saving grace. All I need is to get an extra 5 mpg by trashing my transmission...ugh.

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