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Talking To clunk or not to clunk...that is the question.

Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
If it's a gentle re-engagement I'd say it's fine and if there's a clunk, grind, or lurch I'd say it's not.
Thank you EVERYONE for responding. Since my tranny only has a warranty on it for less than a month, I'm panicking. Brake Masters said there was some metal in my transmission fluid, which IS concerning IF true. I did eventually have them change the fluid during my recent oil change.

Regarding putting the car back into drive after coasting in neutral at 40 mph or whatever, USUALLY I am good at it and know how to "feel" so that I go smoothly back into gear with no clunking. I will admit I clunked it a few times when I was getting used to switching back and forth. But the vast majority of the time I do it perfectly. I noticed the transmission can clunk even if I stay in drive, for example, if I have been coming down a hill to an intersection and have to slow way down to turn and then speed up again. If I hit the gas too hard, sometimes it'll clunk. Gentle is the name of the game...which, of course, also helps gas mileage, which is my goal.

I love my cute Fiat 500, Sophia!
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