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I'm still a little lost here, guys. I figured out how to input data into the controller parameters and change them and save them, but things aren't doing what I wanted them to do. For example, I set the throttle max count to 1000 and as soon as I hit enter, the motor started revving on it's own! I hit the pack disconnect safety switch and saved my motor! Why would it do this?
The instructions say "throttle max count is with the pedal all the way up" does this mean physically with the pedal off the floor (IE, NO acceleration), or does it mean max input from the throttle?
I dropped it back down to 700, but now my van is so sluggish, like it's got NO pep at all. I can barely make it to 10mph.
I want to reset everything to how it came programmed, but I don't see a command for that. No, I tried "reset", but I don't think the parameters changed, and I typed "save" after every change I made.
Can I get back to "stock" with a command? Or do I need to manually input the data? If I need to manually input the data, can someone give me the specs?
Joel in Philly
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