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I altered main post a bit. I've marked changes done in red. Let me know if anything needs to change. My financial situation could change a bit, hehehe.

bat-amps-lim - Battery amp limit
Possible values: 0-511
If you want to limit amp draw from your batteries you can set this parameter. Setting value to 0 means there is no limit for maximum battery amps drawn. However there is a hardware amp limiter on control board. This hardware limit controls max motor amps which can't be lower than battery amps. So it essentially limits battery amps too. Hardware amp limiter is adjustable but not via software. Hardware amp limit defaults at around 500A.

pc-time - Pre-charge delay time (1/10th second)
Possible values: 0-999
Controller's pre-charge circuit starts outputting +12V to J1 connector pin #3 after this time passes. Setting this value to 20 will result in +12V coming out of pin #3 after 2 seconds. 30 means 3 seconds etc. Zero value means no +12V to pin #3 at all.

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