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Originally Posted by mora View Post
I've had that self-revving happen once. This was because I set throttle limits (min & max) wrong way. Min throttle was max throttle and vice versa. Your throttle calibration parameters might not be correct. Seems like you never get full throttle.

Set max battery amps to 2 and floor the throttle. Note RT (raw throttle) value. Release pedal and note that same parameter again. One should be high number and other one low. Now set these parameters as your t-max-rc and t-min-rc. You might want to leave some "slack" to both values (set parameters few units higher & lower). This ensures you always get full throttle and avoid high pedal lockout on startup. If you set these parameters (t-min-rc and t-max-rc) backwards your motor will spin on its own but it won't spin fast because of battery amp limit. Battery amp limit is set to 2 for safety. Remember to change it back to whatever you had it before when throttle is calibrated correctly.

There is no factory reset command. Every setup is different. You need to set t-min-rc, t-max-rc and bat-amps-lim. And maybe pc-time. Kp and ki after that. T-pos-gain and t-pwm-gain default to 8 and 0 if I remember right. That's a good starting point. Everything else is fine-tuning.
YES. THANK YOU. I don't have an EE background nor a programming background, so when people mix lingo from both, I get lost real quick.
It's great when I get a response like yours.
Ok. I'll try the step by step and report back to the forum.
What should the Battery amp limit be set at normally, if not at "2"?
When I step on the throttle and I get a number, is that the number I put in the t-max-rc (plus 2)? And the number at NO throttle, is that the t-min-rc (minus 2)?
What the heck is "Kp" and "Ki"? What is the difference between them? I know they are "loop values" (whatever that means) and it sounds like they make the controller respond quicker to your throttle pedal input, but how do I know what to put in each one? Which one should be higher for a more response feel?
Thanks SO much!
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