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In some cases, engine with VG turbos (such as mine) do have closed loop AFR control. In those cases, I think there's still a FE benefit, becausse the VG turbo won't have to close down as far, thereby decreasing pumping losses.

Thanks for pointing this out. Earlier HPCR CTD's can be fitted with the later VG turbos with a stand-alone controller, and perhaps with EFI-Live software could also be an addition in search of better economy / overall better "performance".

And the info about DONALDSON Powercore filters (developed from the experience in Iraq with helicopter turbine engines) is offered as FYI for those who are contemplating such a change. The OP in that thread found no worthwhile gains which was not surprising for a stock, or nearly stock, engine. But I'd expect the filter in question could travel a longer set of miles prior to changeout (one would need to seach the FORD boards where the filter is most commonly encountered).

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