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New comer here, I wanted an SGII but I find it pricey, then I discovered your project, pretty cool!

I will have to buy a *duino kit to test, with an LCD screen. And I guess an ELM323 for my car. A few months ago I started to look at various obd2 solution including ELM, jeff interface, palm, 486 laptop, etc.

(I am currently working on a digital and analog I/O low level module on an Atmel AT91, an ARM 32bits RISC, so I know the stuff, and if I have time I will work on your code too).

Great project guys, continue!!

I am wondering if we really need an ELM chip, or if we just communicate directly in the OBD-II protocol, like the "Atmel AVR 2004 Design Contest Project" at
Maybe wait also for the Atmel 328P to have more RAM?

We should bring also the "xarias" guy here for some help.

Here's how to connect the OBD-II connector directly to an Atmel:
(see Microcontroller-OBD interface, second picture)
2013 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

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