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Oh, ok. Yeah, I am sure those will do better in your gasser vs your hybrid. Id even add a solar panel too if you were me.

Ive wanted to replace the lead acid battery in my Insight with something like a few prius sticks, IMA sticks or a lifepo4 battery for some time now. Price has been the main hold up. From what I see the Honda charges the battery for the first few minutes after start up, then when the voltage falls before 12.6 volts. The only exception to this is regen braking. When ever you regen it also activates the charging system. As we know lead acid batteries need a long continue low amp charge vs a short high amp, whish is what the Honda does by way of the ELD and a dc to dc converter.

Although I replaced the motorcycle battery the car came with with a group 51, I did find 2 more mpg from disconnecting the power steering and see an effect with use of the lights, drls, hids vs halogen, etc.

Good luck.
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