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power an electric car with a generator

just some things to think of. 120 and 240 are probably volts. the amps will depend on motor draw. find out what type of pwr your motor is using might be
dc battery type voltage. If this is the case(most likely) then your generator has to be converted to dc. aircraft generators are the most efficient but mar need to be turned at a very high speed. house current is at 60 hertz. house generators are at 60 hertz. aircraft generators are three phase at 400 hertz.
more pwr for a given size of generator but you may need to turn it faster.
also the more power drawn from a generator the more powerful the engine has to be to turn the generator. in other words a heavy draw from the electric motor may tax a very small engine they need to be ballanced for the heavest draw your electric motor could demand puting some batteries in the system could help when a large demand is needed. also by charging batteries
converting ac to dc is a smother dc current to supply your motors. just some things to think about. you can let me know your thoughts
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