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Originally Posted by Nerys View Post
I am curious. LOVING the improvements on the XJ.

the 30mpg. was that instant or "tank to tank" ? ie what kind of distance and what kind of driving?

my beast has hit 25mpg pre ethanol. (4" lift 31" meats no aero) but that was a nearly 400 mile stretch of uninterrupted highway driving as I do. 50mph :-)

though I have gotten 23-24 mpg on my commute to and from work (more realistic tank to tank)

I am dying to put a little 4cyl diesel in my jeep (or my minivan) but that is a fairy tail for now.

The 30mpg I got from my XJ was a one-shot deal, but it averaged 27-28mpg highway for the longest time. The thing about it, is it has always gotten it's best highway MPG at 65mph; faster or slower and the MPG will drop.
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