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Originally Posted by Allch Chcar View Post
It's capable of 30mpg stock. But you have to go easy on it.

Checkout the original MPG.
1993 Mustang 2.3L AT

And there are only two 4 banger Mustangs on Fuelly.
The only one with more than 1k miles seems to consistently get 24-29mpg. Link
I see your point as to it being possible to get 30. I think for myself, to not hold up traffic, and not take an excessive amount of time to get somewhere, it wouldn't happen.

I mean, brand new they are saying 29 on the highway. I am supposed to get 29 highway, and I saw 31-34 stock. With all the years passed, and being an auto, I don't think he will see those numbers completely stock, no eco modifications. My 95 auto was terrible at being efficient and changing when I wanted it to, and it was in an Escort. I could only imagine the Mustang being worse. Possible under perfect circumstances and not having any social traffic obligations? Yes. Probable? No.

Mustang Dave, what do you think of him being able to bang out 30 mpg?

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Mustang - 54.83 mpg (US) at the Green Grand Prix
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