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I'll be looking forward to your regimen on testing as it should be the definitive statement about whether CAI is a help or no (by default, as others are more interested in peak [or, sustained] power output).

AH64ID is a prominent contributor on any number of well-researched changes on CTD boards, and always worth reading in contemplation of changes.

I decided against any CAI as the engine fan can pull a tremendous amount of dust into the air (vehicle solo), and any off road parking or driving, solo or in tandem with other vehicles, raises far too much dust for me to want to ever introduce more to the air box. Were I to use a CENTRI air pre-cleaner I'd want it above the level of the headlights, maybe recessed in the hood in some manner as with a NACA duct. But underhood plumbing then becomes a problem.

I don't travel off paved roads for any distance, but park the vehicle -- both at home and at work -- on unpaved surfaces.

The factory method of taking incoming air from fender interior panels means that much if not most dust has fallen out . . but fine dust on the air filter is a given.

I have seen where some have weighed the filters before and after as a "method" of trying to determine efficacy versus pressure drop.

This said, I hope you'll pull the flex boots both up and down stream of the turbocharger as a check for dust prior to prolonged testing.

- Are you using the revised MOPAR 4" deep pleated air filter in the otherwise unmodified airbox?

- Will other entry points to the air filter be sealed?

- Is the airbox "pressure drop" gauge still acting (takes little to damage them), and will it be used to help determine air filter service life?

- Will air temps at the filter be monitored?

- What do you think about induced turbulence . . where pressure at one area on the filter panel might be increased? Or [worse] at the edge seal?

- Ever looked at the TAG? Used ahead of the t/c generally, I wonder if it wouldn't have some upstream, not just downstream effects (probably too hard to quantify). Same for DPP Coolhose (see AH64ID and at linked site).

Comments online from those who design compressor housings/installations have favorable opinions about air flow turbulence "correction" (and design laws) such as the TAG (whether or not it is effective for a CTD; the TAG and Coolhose both on my list to try [more restrictive air flow on an '04 compared to factory improved 6.7L intakes]).

- Would you be averse to drilling some water drainage holes in the lower assembly? I have not yet ever seen an OEM cold air intake assembly without such.

Good looking work. Yeah, paint it.

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