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Originally Posted by euromodder View Post

There's a lot to be gained from modding your driving style as well.

Basically, using only the power you need to get you to the next corner / light / stop sign at appropriate speeds - and not much more.

Are you already using coasting in neutral (or even with the engine off ) ?
I already drive conservatively enough that I piss people off. I coast _A LOT_ when I drive in town. I don't accelerate up to red lights, and that alone seems to be enough to get some people's panties in a bunch. Why everyone is in such a big hurry when they drive in town is beyond me; the lights will determine how fast you're going to get there. If people are in such a big hurry, why don't we see people running through the grocery store all the time?

Your comments about load sound like the exact same thing I've observed. With the lower engine speed at a lower vehicle speed, the engine is actually less efficient at making the required power to maintain speed. Even though that power requirement may be slightly lower, the loss in efficiency trumps the reduction in aerodynamic drag.
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