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I don't like it for three reasons.

*It takes more energy to make it out of corn then you get out of it, but we subsidize corn with tax dollars to make it cheap because corn has a lot of uses, in other words, if you couldn't use diesel fuel, natural gas and oil based chemicals, but instead only used ethanol powered tractors and powered the ethanol factory with ethanol, you could not produce enough to run everything, that is not the case with veggie oil based fuels because they are much less energy intensive to produce.

*Using corn to make fuel tends to drive up food prices when it's a bad year, like this year because of the drought, is easier to store and ship then veggies so it's easy to pay farmers to grow corn as "food" without risking the extra rotting away, but in a bad year the price of corn for food sky rocket but we don't notice that much because we export a lot of corn to poor countries where a jump in food prices is a bigger deal.

*My 3rd point is under a bit of debate, depending on the vehicle, some people find that 10% ethanol drops their mileage by more then 10%, so if you left the ethanol out you would use less gasoline.
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