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what would you do? (Ideas for higher MPG $6k vehicle than a Kia Sportage?)

Hi all, new to the forums. This seems to be an okay place to put this, but I could be 100% wrong.

I recently purchased an 06 Kia Sportage FWD 2.7L, at a great (family) price. I liked the hyundai engine and reliability, and also the amount of ample space to use for work. However, within a week of driving it, I see that I'm only getting about 19mpg.

Now I drive (through central nj) 20mi back and forth to work about 6 or 7 days a week. Sometimes I ride my KLR650, but I never bring my bike to my FT job (hq'd in Franklin- see 'baby newark'). So most of my miles are in the Kia, about 80%city.

Now I CAN afford to buy gas for the commute...I just don't really want to. So what would you do in my shoes. If i sold the Kia I could probably get between 6500-7000 as a budget for the next car, 6 to play on the safe side. What would you buy with some decent room (suitcases and boxes, idc about people), and better economy?

I'm semiinterested in hearing about effective mods too, just weary about expensive mods to save money.

Thanks guys n gals. God bless

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