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Originally Posted by LocoJason View Post
One thing I forgot to mention earlier is that for the first-gen focus (US 2000-2004) the sedan and wagon both have lower coefficient of drag than the 3/5door. The information I found may be wrong, as I see differing numbers all over the internet for some reason:
cD: 0.31
Frontal Area(est): 21.97 sq.ft.

cD: 0.36
Frontal Area(est): 21.97 sq.ft

cD: 0.30
Frontal Area(est): 22.24 sq.ft.

Considering they all have the same front end and doors/mirrors, the only difference is the rear. I fail to understand why the wagon is that much better when the roof taper in the rear is minimal. I'm sure I'll spot one in a parking lot some day, make sure nobody is looking and then pull out the tape measure and my camera...
I'm curious where you got those numbers? The numbers I remember for the ZX3 are .36 and .32 for the ZX4. But I never found the official numbers.

The back is the only difference as far as the aerodynamics. I had a discussion on Focaljet about this exact same thing.

The engine in the ZX3 and the ZTS for the First gen is the DOHC Zetec. It's the higher output engine so not only is the torque peak higher RPM the gearing is shorter. It doesn't drop valves like the SOHC split port, but the MPG is worse.

BTW, that's a nice selection of cars. Grand prix, heh.
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