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while i like the idea of electric forced induction. about the only one i like is the e-ram; most of you will call it a bilge pump fan.

e-Racing :: OFFICIAL SITE :: The e-RAM Electric Supercharger from e-Racing Motorsports

i don't think so; if it's designed and built properly multiple sets of an axial compressor will produce a pressure increase of 1.4:1 at max per set of rotor and stator.

each set would weight way less than any other form of forced induction, and could be spun up with a 12volt hobby r/c motor; making it light weight and capable of producing some boost.

i think that thing that thomas knight made is a retarded design, and weights more than twice(not including the batteries needed to run the thing) what that m62(or is it an m90) would weight otherwise. along with less boost than it should be capable of producing.

if it was me, i still like mad max's supercharged car; electro magnetic clutch just like your average automotive a/c unit(mercedes and acouple of other manufactures have used them in the past).

oh and for squirrel cage fans, not fast enough; and aren't a centrifugal compressor. about as much as a ducted fan is not an axial compressor.

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