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Originally Posted by Daox View Post
Electric superchargers are a horrible idea, especially if you're thinking about efficiency. Lets quickly review what you're thinking about doing. You're using electricity generated from the gas engine through the alternator to now put more air and fuel into the engine. Count up the conversion losses! If you're going to use electricity for anything, it should be for direct propulsion, not shoving air into an engine.
...agree, 100%:

Originally Posted by Old Tele man View Post's all about simple mathematics:

90% = 90% (one conversion)

81% = 90% of 90% (two conversions)

73% = 90% of 90% of 90% (three conversions)

66% = 90% of 90% of 90% of 90% (four conversion)

...the fewer times you convert energy, the "...more of it (energy) you have...", or stated conversely the "...less you've lost."
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