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I read about that Altima. How many of us try to run 10 second quarter miles on our daily drive? Another point. they did not try to put a 1.6 liter direct injection Nissan engine in the Altima and then use the supercharger for the less than 1% of the time when you would need more than the 1.6 would provide.

With the advent of smaller engines ,aka Ford ecoboost, driving much larger cars, and better battery technology. I see a place for an electric supercharger as a means of lowering the fuel consumption of a naturally aspirated engine without a turbo or mechanically driven supercharger.

Having driven two cars with mechanical superchargers, a Buick Rivera and a Mercedes 230 SLK, maybe my experience means a different attitude to mechanical supercharging versus turbocharging.

I really don't think this topic belongs in the Unicorn section, but that does not change it's significance to me.

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