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Originally Posted by baldlobo View Post
while i like the idea of electric forced induction. about the only one i like is the e-ram; most of you will call it a bilge pump fan.
That was the one I was speaking of earlier. Tested and debunked.

I still like OldMechanic's idea of using a (functional!) switchable power-adder on a small engine. The electric clutch (but still belt-driven) S/C might be a better idea than a bilge pump fan, though I do wonder how much power even the disengaged pulley takes to spin? I don't remember it being something I could turn by hand.

Due to the horrible environment that turbochargers live in, I can't see a good way of making one of those switchable. Well, maybe if "cut-outs" have come a long way since last I looked into them. But the heat, moisture, and chemicals in the exhaust are not very kind to most diverter valves that I know of.

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