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Originally Posted by LocoJason View Post

I've thought about some of the things that could be done to further improve fuel economy. Engine mods like a custom intake cam, adjustable cam gears, etc. were all major turn-offs to me. Why? This car can hardly get out of its own way as it is, I doubt I could tolerate driving a vehicle much slower.

So that leaves me with aero mods and rolling resistance to focus on...

Hey Jason,

Not sure if you've discovered this yet, but SCT makes a programmer for the focus. I am researching it for mine. My focus has a magnaflow exhaust and an AEM CAI.... I haven't tested it with my PLX (similar to scangauge), but I will let you know.

In the meantime, check out the link to the SCT stuffsorry about the spaces)

www . sctflash . com / products.php?PID=2&VID=391#2
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