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Kia - '06 Kia Sportage LX
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Sorry for the delay all- yesterday was 'move day' so the past week has been just that nightmare of packing and moving and lifting etc...I'm still not alright from it- apparently the dress pants I put on today are not brown, but gray (now hiding in my office).

Originally Posted by mcrews View Post
The Kia is a nice vehicle.
My daught has that same yr and V6 fwd.
I get 26-27 on the freeway when I drive it and she gets about 19-20 around town.
(as a note we have 98k on it - bought it new - and only had it in the shop once. No leaks, and everything works!)
Not sure what you could replace it with and have the same space and still get better mileage.
I am truely envious of 27mpg. It seems impossible at this stage in the game, as NJ has an unbelieveable amount of stop and go, and I don't take the parkway or tpk to work. I'm a fan of the Korean cars, my last (03 Hyundai Sonata) ran 190k (25k with a rod knock) until it was totalled by a drunk.

Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Matrix/Vibe is a really good suggestion. Not the sport model. It's essentially a Corolla under the skin, so frugal & reliable.

I'm sure there are other wagon-y or hatchback types that can get 30-40 mpg highway. I'd recommend a 2nd gen Prius (bullet proof reliable and surprising room in back), but you'd be hard pressed to find one under 6k.

Golf TDI (diesel) comes to mind too, but I'm not up on the VW reliability question.

I'm sure others will chime in with advice.
Pontiac scares me. As do many American made vehicles. I'm a patriot, and quite a fan of this country. But we suck at making reliable cars (generally- not trying to start a separate thread). Before coming here, all I heard about hybrids was that the battery will die in a few years, and then you'll be SOL. Maybe I should do some more research- what would a second gen prius run? do the rear seats fold?

Originally Posted by serialk11r View Post
Fit/Yaris (hatch)? They look like they have a lot of interior volume, but I've never been in one.
I don't mind the fit- the yaris I feel like I will not have enough space. Anyone have a fit that wants to weigh in on the topic?
Originally Posted by LeanBurn View Post
Kia Rio wagon comes to mind.
Lean, is this a new model? or have they been around for a while?

Originally Posted by ron22 View Post
VW Jetta/Golf TDI good choice. Manual Trans better then auto.
VW reliability scares me too. I've heard entirely too many stories about how quick they bottom out, and how expensive repairs are. Also- diesels retain value entirely too well (around here anyway), so I don't know if I could find a vehicle that would work as a daily (even if the engine is fine, 150k on a body/mechanical parts is enough to concern me).
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