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Originally Posted by baldlobo View Post
yes it does, force= mass * velocity

mr. knights device was powered by 1 or 2 extra batteries required to power the 3 starter motors; and i think in the end the car was hauling around 200lbs more then it would have with a normal m62 or m90, completely making 5-6lbs of boost, negated by the additional weight.

ps. 15hp=12kW
As said, F=MA. 10,000 rpm free-spinning is not quite the same as 10,000 rpm under load. A regular turbocharger will be spinning at 60-80,000 rpm under load... accelerating... shovelling air into the engine.

I have no doubt that 7 kW of motor is enough to net some positive pressure, but again, I doubt you'll get more than 5-6 psi on your 4 liter motor... looking back... maybe just 4-5 psi. Would be an interesting project... attach it to a supercharger... see how much boost it makes compared to hooking the same charger up to the belts, and how much power that boost will make.
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