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Okay, so my wife called an audible and switched to liking sedans, in a dealership no less. So we finally settled on a 2013 Nissan Altima. We got enough room to fit a stroller in the back with luggage for a family trip. The beast gets 29/31/39 FE, which is cool because the 2012 gets 32 highway. I used and the only sedans that got better FE were hybrids and diesels, wife isn't ready for a hybrid yet. The VW Passat got a few more MPGs but also uses a more expensive fuel and needs an exhaust system additive to meet EPA.

So my online research says that Nissan wasn't investing in Direct Injection, but the Nissan site says it has DI, so my question is what is Nissan Direct Injection and how does it differ from other manufacturers?

But nissan has dual overhead cams with both the intake and exhaust having variable timing. And some variable intake trickery. But they overhauled the CVT less friction, larger ratio spread. I read somewhere that it will do 100MPH at 2,500 RPM (not that I will ever find that out!)

My biggest problem is that my wife LOVES the remote start and using the car to hands free phone calls and chat away while parked and idling. And the thing has a push button start with no accessory position, so either the car is on or the car is off. She is not even meeting the EPA city so far. Maybe it's her lead foot as well...

Any tips for CVT hypermiling??

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