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Thanks for the responses, I'm not so ready to do all the calculations Diesel Dave, because the car is short term like less than a month. I was just curious. I might look into a bad tps for my dad, as it's his car. I'm using it while he's away. More than likely I'll just ask about it. I was reading up and the acceleration did seem a little off, but honestly I think that's in my head I've been so used to driving only one car.

As for the Tiburon, I've been reading very mixed reviews about the car, I tend to hear a lot of bad things about the manual versions more than the automatics. I would be kind of getting a good deal on it but I'd have to immediately do work on it which in the long run didn't seem like something I'd want to do. It would be $3000 at 70k miles. 4 cyl. automatic. but there's something wrong with driver side wheel, a bearing I can't remember exactly. It also needs a new catalytic converter. I'm just not sure what to look for versus what I can afford. I have to wait and see how much I get for this claim on my saab.

The total repairs looked like it would be $4000-$5000 and the car's not worth that so I think I'm going to get however much they think the car's worth.
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