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Originally Posted by AbeisAverage View Post
As for the Tiburon, I've been reading very mixed reviews about the car, I tend to hear a lot of bad things about the manual versions more than the automatics. I would be kind of getting a good deal on it but I'd have to immediately do work on it which in the long run didn't seem like something I'd want to do. It would be $3000 at 70k miles. 4 cyl. automatic. but there's something wrong with driver side wheel, a bearing I can't remember exactly. It also needs a new catalytic converter. I'm just not sure what to look for versus what I can afford. I have to wait and see how much I get for this claim on my saab.

I'd take a sec and think about this "deal"... I had a 2001 tibi, with the 2L 4speed Auto. at 70k what you think about the wheel bearing is most likely correct! the passenger side will need to be replaced a couple months down the road as well its about $300 for each if they are the same Bearing-in Hub assembly... The 2L in the 2003+ models is the same BETA(2) engine thats in the 2001. basically its the same everywhere else except the body. I had electrical issues not even a year after i got mine, HID headlights didnt even work, short somewhere, they would cut off around 3k rpms, The transmission is sloppy to lug a 2800lb car around, Parts can be stripped from an 97+ Elentra for parts if needed but the engine is really only good once its BUILT for performance. the tolerances arent fantastic as is, and it lacks in almost everything with that AT... after 110k mi, my headgasket blew. after spending $3k in almost redoing my entire drivetrain.. no ricer here either
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