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NameGoesHere - '15 Volkswagen Golf TDI SEL
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So I began to drive her.. And to my dismay, the fuel line is clogged up, resulting in a bogged down acceleration when I pushed the pedal down in acceleration. I ordered a new one and it will be here tomorrow.. I gave up on the MPGuino for now. I may put it in after I get everything else going or I might just sell it. I'll see when that time comes.

The car drives smooth! I hear a crunching/squeaking noise in the rear wheel wells when I drive. Could that be bad shocks? What could make that noise? Its kinda annoying..

Also, the hatch doesn't shut unless I shut it real hard.. P.O. put a dent in the hatch from trying to slam it, I assume. Anyone think of a solution to this? Dad tightened it up a bit somehow to get rid of the rattling.. It is extremely hard to shut, but loose when driving down the road.

Ran out of sound deadener.. Once I get that all in I can start putting my panels and such back in.

I bought some SEM paint, to paint the faded interior, that matches VERY well.. I couldnt get original Palmy Blue paint but this will do. I painted a rear panel and it looks dang good. Don't worry, Ive taken the proper precautions of cleaning it very good before coating it. I'd hate to see that stuff peal.

I'll get some photos up since a rebuild thread is boring without any photos:P
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