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Been messing with the Cobalt using engine braking, it goes open loop and gph goes from 0.31 at idle (ac off) to over 0.5 after releasing clutch with heavy engine braking, takes 5+ seconds for it to go DFFO if it does and then doesn't stay in it for long. Neutral coasting is way better, the factory gauge is only 2 digits, so wouldn't have known the difference without the SGII.

Edit: Paid a little more attention on the way home, if I crest a hill and leave it in 5th, after about 5 secons it goes Open loop, and up to 0.4 gph for about 5 more seconds, then goes into DFCO for about 5 more seconds (smallish Iowa hill, maybe 3% grade, 100' fall) then back to closed loop. Pretty sure Neutral Coasting would account for better FE.

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