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I hope that person who said all fire trucks are red was joking.
That's not a constant, lol. Honestly, very little is constant.
The sky is always blue- what about a sunset or sunrise?
Gravity is always the same- it changes with elevation and location.

So maybe there vehicle, combined with their location, their traffic, driving style, and gerneral commute yield better results with that method.

I think it could be possible. I pulse and glidw from 74mph to 65mph, so I don't block traffic, and I only get to that speed by drafting. I was just thinking about taking a super compact car, say old Civic and putting a huge engine in, with at least a six speed, if the engine can run at very low rpms and maintain speed. I can often get 35-40mpg on my commute, but I stop at a light then I drop .1 rpm about every 5 seconds.

I don't know if I am clear, but my basic point is for ones own unique circumstances, it may be possible. But your point does appear to be more probable, if you use X fuel to get to a speed, and have Y friction, you travel a distance. If Y increase, auch as engine drag, over that limited area, mpg SHOULD be lower.


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