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Originally Posted by jsatter View Post
You have to be on the gas longer to reach a coast point too. You lose on both ends when you coast in gear.
I disagree with this. But only at certain speeds. When I go to the cemetary near me, I park on top of a hill. The scAngauge resets, and I roll forward and bump start into first, go to second and third, going back up the hill on the other side, she needs second, but by time I am out I get to almost 30 mph, 33-35 mpg, and use zero throttle pedal. Now I don't kow how much fuel I use, but it must be minimal, I put it into gear at 4xx rpm range and she wants to climb back up.

So for me, in THIS case, in gear coasting is very beneficial. Or maybe it's not technically coasting since I start at a stop. If this is the highway we are talking, then hands down, I totally agree. But unless I am 30+ mph, going uphill, or can see my stop point, I (think) I am better off in gear.

But those are strict standards. So I can happily agree usually out of gear coasting is more efficient than in gear.

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