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Also - right now I'm leaning toward the Celica - it should be RWD and because it's in running condition i will be able to check a few other things out (Like AC for the 120F summers) I would either Remove the transmission completely, or stick it in 3rd and lock it there. Go with sealed AGM (maybe remove the drive shaft and have a more direct rear motor, depending on what i find when i get in there) with, hopefully, plenty under the hood and a few in a drop down rack along the drive shaft hump.
The gear stick I'd leave in with D, P, R using an electrical reverse and a park brake that engages in Park only.

For the controller i would add a heat sink onto it and cut a hole in the hood- i'd mount the controller shallow for just the heat sink to poke out. Minor cut in aero that way, but cooling is likely to be important in AZ summers.

I'd go with an on board charger, hopefully there will be room under the back seats, if not then it would go in the hatchback with a good protection case around it. I'd rather get less range and recharge anywhere instead of better range and pray to get home.

Of course, I'm keeping in mind that I'm a complete moron so what i want and what may actually transpire if i get this car can be two completely different things.

Thanks for letting me rant, it helps me think.
(estimated curb weight: 2500lbs)
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