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vw - '04 Volkswagen Passat GLX
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I have been extremely busy and not on the computer much.........

Last 3 tanks of fuel: still averaging between 31-34 MPG per tank! I think my running average over 3100 miles now has been 32.7. It's still better than 25 or so on the hwy with the VW Passat and AVERAGE about 20mpg over 116k!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The EPA rating for the "Cube" are 27 city 31 Hwy...which I think is pretty funny (4 mpg range?).

No new mods yet. I am planning to redo the front grilles..I personally don't like the "tube" grille look. PLUS...I passed myself in my neighborhood the other day. Probably a simple black plexi blockoff for the top and mesh for the bottom.

Also... considering some type of treatment at the back (NO KAMMBACKS). I wonder what small cannards would do?

I have had the cars MPG counter up to 40 several times... but average is ALWAYS lower for me (no tankfull long trips yet). Also, every morning I drive up a 7% + grade hill 3 miles....and average 5-9 MPG no matter what............

Just a quick update.
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